Building Materials Crafted to Perfection

Discover our selection of stunning, edgy and creative 3D Wall Claddings. Use any wall cladding to combine your furnishing and interest – and create a room that describes your personality. These Claddings can be used on both Interior & Exterior Walls.

Concrete tiles are a recurring and popular finishing materials in modern architecture. These tiles, which are available in three different finishes can be used both on floors and walls. Concrete having a unique finishing structure, make them possible to be used both in interiors or exteriors of a building or house or any outdoor space. These tiles are applied to increase the appeal of a space in the most contemporary way and as well as to create an insulation between.

Every stone quarry, even the sections inside a quarry, creates its own unique set of conditions which dictates the color, composition, and quality of the stone contained within. Generally speaking, the best material is found in the most inaccessible areas of a quarry, but we believe that product quality starts at the source, which is why we go to (sometimes extreme) lengths to find the perfect block. That means that the stone we use is more chemically stable so it won’t discolor over the years and will be less susceptible to external atmospheric factors such as oxidation.