All for the love of Concrete

Discover our selection of stunning, edgy and creative 3D Wall Claddings. Use any wall cladding to combine your furnishing and interest – and create a room that describes your personality. These Claddings can be used on both Interior & Exterior Walls.

Wall paneling is a recurring and popular wall-application in modern architecture. The panels can be installed over other building materials in a building’s frame. Wall paneling can either be done on the interior or the exterior of a building or house. Wall paneling is often applied to increase the appeal of a building in the most contemporary way and as well as create insulation between the stone wall and the room itself.

When installing tile in your home, you're no longer limited to run-of-the-mill factory-produced ceramic, porcelain, or vinyl floor tiles. A new budget friendly, versatile, and long-lasting alternative is precast concrete tile, custom made for your application. Concrete tile can be used just about anywhere, indoors or out, including floors, fireplace surrounds, pools and patios. In many cases, concrete tile sizes, finishes, and colors can be customized to suit your design needs. You can find concrete tile patterns that fit any room size. You're not limited to standard-sized squares.