AFinishes was founded in 2016 Karachi, Pakistan. A Company which facilitates its clientele with the creation of unique collections of Natural Stones and Concrete (Tiles which include CC Tiles, Washed Terrazzo Tiles, Exposed Terrazzo Tiles and 3D Tiles) designs, offering color, pattern and style to one's space.

In Natural Stone (which includes Marble, Granite, Travertine, Basalt and Onyx), we deal in Block, Slab and Tile formats. Having the top of the line processing unit in Mangho Pir we in collaboration have exported one of the best Marbles of Pakistan in far regions of the world. Having an exciting range of both Imported and Local Stones we can procure any kind of natural stone as per the clients need.

In Concrete, we mainly deal in three finishes, Exposed Terrazzo, Washed Terrazzo, CC tiles and 3-Dimensional Concrete Tiles. With our production unit located in Malir, Karachi, we for 20 years have experience to produce the best quality tiles recommended by Architects throughout Pakistan.

The instinct for curiosity made us realize, that the beauty lies in the detail. In the skin deep. We chisel away the solid at AFinishes to create depths and dimensions for the sophisticated connoisseur. With combined efforts of skilled visual artists and craftsmen, we carefully create statement pieces that have scope to extend to the extraordinary.


We'll do everything we can to make our next project best!