General Questions

Our 3D claddings are made from pure concrete with high end admixtures. These 3D claddings will enhance the overall look and design of your home by giving new dimensions to one’s space.

We can use these 3D claddings almost everywhere. Restaurants, Cafes, Offices, Apartments, Residences, Lobbies, Gaming Arcades, Retail Outlets, Malls, Court Yards. From interior to exterior. You name it, we’ve got it! Sky is the limit.

These 3D Claddings has other advantages besides its decorative appeal. It can also make your space acoustically better by variating sound, and it can be used as a thermal insulator as well.

The natural color of our products is, white.

If you opt for pigmented 3D Claddings, the color pigments are subject to availability. Mostly there are 7 to 8 pigmented colors.

Pigment integrally colors the concrete offering consistent, even tones across the tiles.

*The colors may have minor tone variations within an order as each batch is hand mixed and poured.

Yes, we can paint on any of our products as it provides us a wide range of colors.

However, we suggest to keep it natural, as paint does not do justice to the natural feel of concrete.

By definition, cladding is generally not loadbearing (i.e. it doesn’t carry loads). The compressive strength of the 3D Claddings and Wall Panels ranges from 1000-1500 PSI.

The compressive strength of the Floor Tiles is 3500 PSI. Floor Tiles with this compressive strength, can be used in both interior and exterior and it can be easily used in the car porch.

Yes, you can make your own 3D design, following is the criteria:

  • The order quantity should be 100 Square Meter.
  •  Price will be determined after the designs and sampling has been
  •  If you want a copy right design, you’d have to pay for the molds

A minimum of 4 weeks, depending on the order quantity.

Installation is easy, we can install these 3D Claddings, in numerous

  • Ms Polymer – A polymer based solution. Easy, neat and 10 times
    faster method than the other methods.
  • Dry Bond
  • Cement Mortar

Any professional labor, who can fix tiles in a clean and professional manner, will be able to install our 3D claddings.

Yes, we can install our 3D Claddings in bathrooms. Our 3D Claddings has less than 1% water absorption rate. We can also protect these claddings by spraying the anti-graffiti sealer, which won’t let the water to stay on the surface of the claddings.